SoCal Sewing has a team of technicians that are ready to do just about anything you might need done in terms of garment manufacturing, including sewing. Whatever you need sewed, whether it’s a thick pattern or a special fabric we have a variety of ways to server your needs. We employ the latest technology and supervise every aspect of the process so that you have 100% satisfaction when you use our sewing services for your needs. Whether you need something stylized, cut, colored, or sewing together, we monitor every stage of the process and provide the best service.

We have a very strict quality control guideline that allows for perfection on every piece that we send to our clients. We ensure with multiple tests to ensure that there are no structural or visible defects on any piece that we sew and run vigorous checks at every stage of the process. Each garment goes through this testing to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

We have several years in the clothing business and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible services for those that need serious sewing done. Some of the operations that we offer in regards to custom contract work are as follows:

• Multiple Needle Options (Single or Double)
• Variable Stitching (safety or merrow)
• Meter (Automatic)
• Multi Stitch (Automatic)
• Welt (pocket)
• Felling
• Buttonhole (Keyhole)
• Button Sewer (Automatic)
• Top Stich J-Fly
• Eyelet (Round)
• And much more

If you are in need of any of the aforementioned options, or you’re curious as to how they can help you with your production ideas, we can help guide you through the process and ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the work that you contract us for. With our expert technicians taking your ideas and making them reality, you will be amazed by the work we can provide to you.

To start an order, all you need to do is give us a call or contact us from our site and inquire about the various project options that you have. We can sew multiple pieces, or create a sample for your approval. Once you sign off on the sample we can produce a full production run or a limited run of items depending on what your overall needs are.

If you’re looking for a local company you’ll find that SoCal Sewing is tough to beat. Located in Los Angeles, Ca. (USA) we are not only domestic, we employ the best in the industry to produce the best sewing production possible. Combined with our own in house rigorous testing, you will find that your projects will get done within a short span of time and with professional attention to even the slightest of details. When you contract us to do a job for you, we make sure that you satisfied, and that is why we are the best in the industry today. Try us out for a sample run and see how fast we can produce garments for your overall needs, big or small, call us today. You will be amazed for sure.