No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with garment production, you will need a helping hand, and that’s where SoCal Sewing comes into play. Material savings can be difficult for any apparel company, regardless of their size. It’s with that in mind that we have employed the latest technology to optimize every step of the garment manufacturing process. You’ll find that when you need marketing done, we can make sure that the latest state of the art methods are employed to ensure that you’re getting the best possible garments created.

When you need marking done, our experts take the patterns and place them on a plan which is very much like a map you might use to drive. With this method we are able to utilize a great deal of fabric to align specific pieces together and form the proper placements for cutting, and sewing. It’s with this meticulous process that we can ensure that you get 100% satisfaction when you contract us for marking, sewing, and even full-scale production. We pride ourselves on our process and rigorous testing to ensure that no customer gets anything that lacks luster.

We offer professional level marking services so that there is an increased control. When you put your garment manufacturing in our hands we take it very seriously, and that’s why we take marking to a whole new level with specific requirements that are met. If you want specific details and requirements placed on each item we will make sure to figure out how to mark everything so that there is no major issue when you get the final product.

Our services are meant to help improve the fabric costs, especially in larger fabric orders. We also use electronics to ensure that delivery time is far quicker, and if anything needs recuts we can always go back to the marking for changes or edits. Once you have a marking contract with us, we will make sure to save it so that if you need to come back to it or any part of the garment manufacturing or sewing process, we have you covered.

When you contact us, our team of experts can help guide you through the marking process. No garment production can be complete without spending some time on this, and it’s our priority to offer this service to customers that might be between the stages of developing patterns and final sample production. We offer every step of the process in case you’ve already started working on sorting out several pieces to the puzzle. By offering custom work we allow the ultimate in freedom when it comes to making your design ideas into a tangible product that you can sign off on and get a production run done fast. SoCal Sewing has many years of experience and thrive on helping customers with all their sewing, and garment manufacturing needs. If you need any sort of service, get in contact with us and we can help you figure out where you are in the production stages and how to move ahead with marking or any other part of the plan.